What is Convalesce

Convalesce is a joint initiative of likeminded people expanding globally with an objective to assist in the recovery of end users and people in need. People around the world urge for a healthy lifestyle and on the other hand, some are in need of assistance to make a quality livelihood. Convalesce through its wide range of medical grade gel-based products is providing such assistance and contributing its small share towards the wellbeing of the society for a speedy recovery.
Our products are in high demand due to its applicability in multiple disciplines, which includes but not limited to Rehabilitation Centers, Old age homes, Public transport, Hospitals, Recovering Centers, and Local councils.

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“Our Products”

Feet are one of the most utilized parts of the human body. Our feet are constantly under stress as we go about our normal lives.
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Use for hand exercise in various hand muscle weakness conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis of the hand,
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Gel lining provides extra comfort to protect the head especially Occipital parietal bones from the development of bedsores.
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Use for pressure relief purposes, especially for pressure
bearing areas to
avoid direct pressure.
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