About Us

Convalesce is a joint initiative of likeminded people expanding globally with an objective to assist in the recovery of the end users and people in need. People around the world urge for a healthy lifestyle and on the other hand, some are in need of assistance to make a quality livelihood. Convalesce through its wide range of medical grade gel-based products is providing such assistance and contributing its small share towards the wellbeing of the society for a speedy recovery.
Our products are in high demand due to its applicability in multiple disciplines, which includes but not limited to Rehabilitation centers, Old age homes, Public transport, hospitals, recovering centers, and local councils.

We at Convalesce understand and work in close cooperation with our partners/clients in addressing their individual needs from standard products to bespoke products.
Convalesce medical-grade gel-based products are second to none in the market and we pride ourselves on our growing reputation globally for supplying quality products in medical care domain.
The medical gel cushioning products provides recovery with comfort for various applications:
ankle, toe, fingers, palm, wrist, elbow, back neck as soon.


CONVAGEL covers the gel based product range under Convalesce in the global market.
It is unique, one of its kind, Hydrocarbon based co-polymer compound) which are cost-effective, durable and are better than all available cushioning products.


CONVAGEL has an exceptional gentle feeling on touch, which almost resembles the human body flesh. The rebounding effect of this material is more spontaneous than all the other contemporary available material like PU, Rubber or Sponge.
CONVAGEL is extremely soft, lighter than water, 3 dimensional compressible like flesh, excellent resiliency property, durable, hypo allergic, excellent life span. The clear construction with softer colored insert for additional relief to sensitive areas. The products are designed to enhance the quality of care considering the needs of the customers.
CONVAGEL is able to spring back into shape after Bending, Stretching, or being Compressed.

CONVAGEL eliminate “Hot Spots” (pressure points) which can cause discomfort.
CONVAGEL will not freeze, melt, harden on normal temperature.

CONVAGEL apply to a range of orthotics with self-adhesive backing for easy application

CONVAGEL can be easily washed with mild soap and water.

We committed to providing you the best service through our products in the market. If you can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to meet your requirements.