About Sacral Protector

During excessive bedridden cases, sacral & coccyx area need good protection from bed sore formation at sacral & coccyx area. Sacral is the first foremost & prominent area that develop bed sore easily in bedridden cases.

  • Sacral is the first & foremost site to develop a bed sore because the comatose patient is usually in Supine lying position.
  • Sacral protector helps to prevent the developing of bed sore at this pressure bearing area.
  • Sacrum is the most prominent during supine lying so need pressure relief.
  • Can be used up to Grade III bed sores.
  • Easy to donning & doffing.

Instructions for use :

  • Washcloth & gel separately.
  • When the gel is dirty/sticky, Sponge the gel with talcum powder and remove extra powder by washing the gel with a mild shampoo and fresh water.
  • Shade dry.
  • Keep away from direct heat.
Code AVAILABLE SIZES Dimensions in L x W x H (Max.)
C001 Small (26" - 32") 990 x 300 mm
C001 Medium (33" - 39") 1170 x 300 mm
C001 Large (40" x 46") 1350 x 300 mm
C001 X Large (47" - 53") 1525 x 300 mm

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